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William J. Keller

William J. Keller

On July 18, 2010, I went to the hospital because I had severe acid reflux, (so I thought) and they checked my blood and ran a few tests. Immediately, they sent me into surgery for what my doctor referred to as, “the widow maker.”

They inserted two stents, (in my LAD) and told me that the lower part of my heart was no longer moving at all, and probably hadn’t been for several days. When they released me from the hospital, they told me I needed to attend therapy for at least 12 sessions, consisting of 40 minutes of exercise and then continue on my own. I was told my heart was damaged and I would not be able to gain it back, because the only muscle in your body you can’t rebuild is your heart.

I continued going to the gym. I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill (incline of 4 and speed of 3.5 to 3.9) and 20 minutes on the row machine or other similar devices. I also increased my amount of healthy chocolate consumption.

In February 2011, I went for my six month check-up. They did an echo test on me, and then kept me in the hospital for three days for more testing saying they didn’t like the way the tests kept coming back. They finally released me and asked if I would come back in two weeks for one more nuclear test. When I asked why, they said when I had my heart attack, my ejection fraction was 30, and normal was 55 to 65. All of my tests were coming back 40, 62, 60, 65 and 53.

I returned in two weeks and did their nuclear test. My doctor called me and told me my results were astonishing at 57. He said, “We can work with that any day all day long.” He also told me to quit using my Nitro patches.

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