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Suzy Naumcheff

Suzy Naumcheff

I have been eating healthy chocolate for five years now. I first noticed having a good night’s sleep. I started to lose weight by eating healthy chocolate before eating a meal. It also cut my cravings. I noticed having more energy and learned that it helped people with arthritis. I had arthritis! I was able to go off of my supplements that were costly. Eating healthy chocolate is a lot better.

I also have chronic allergies. I learned that eating a piece of chocolate every hour until the symptoms subsided worked! I did the same thing with a terrible cough. Being around a smoker for a week on vacation was not good. It cleared up by eating more healthy chocolate.

I have skin benefits also. I had been to a dermatologist for redness on my chest that itched also, diagnosed as Contact Dermatitis. She, of course, gave me a prescription for heavy duty drugs plus a cream. I used the cream which didn’t help. I didn’t do the drug as prescribed. I am a big preventive person. I remembered someone saying they used the healthy chocolate on their rash. That is what I did. Two days later the redness was gone. One hour each day I put a compress on my chest and that did it.

I have noticed that the skin tags around my neck could pose as a necklace perhaps? Those are gone now also. Amazing, isn’t it? The power of the antioxidants in our products.

Weight control with the healthy chocolate has made a difference for me too. I can maintain my weight better. I lost 5 to 10 lbs, and can maintain the level I need to be at. Knowing that I am getting the protein and fiber, which I know I didn’t eat enough of, has really helped me with a healthier lifestyle. Not having to cook as much has been a savings as well as less time in the kitchen. This has been great!

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