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Shawn Stephens

Shawn Stephens

In early 2009, my nine year old daughter began having abdominal pain that we initially assumed was appendicitis. After a medical exam and CT, a large mass was found on her right kidney. We were horrified for our child and scared beyond imagination. After a month of testing, we were told that she had non-cancerous cysts in her kidneys that were causing her pain. She began to miss school due to not being able to sit for long periods and basically became inactive and sedentary due to the symptoms. The doctor’s only answer was to give her narcotics to handle the pain and eventually remove the kidneys when that was no longer effective.

After patiently watching our fears and praying with us for our daughter, Mary Evelyn Kimbro gave us some healthy chocolate and asked if we would at least try it to see if it would help our daughter. We were so ready to try anything to help our baby that we no longer were skeptical and started giving her the healthy chocolate religiously in hopes that it would do anything at all. We really didn’t expect much, but within two weeks her pain became manageable with just a daily Tylenol. She stopped missing school after a month of healthy chocolate and began becoming more active again. By Fall of 2009, she was a cheerleader and back to enjoying her life with minimal discomfort.

She still has cysts, but she doesn’t have the pain from the inflammation as long as she eats her healthy chocolate every day. She is so active now that I am like a drill sergeant making sure she doesn’t forget to eat her healthy chocolate. After all, she’s 13 and a busy teenager with a lot of energy and life thanks to the miracle found in the gift of healthy chocolate. It truly is a gift from God for our whole family.

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