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Ron and Rose Niemann

Ron and Rose Niemann


We were first introduced to healthy chocolate just one year ago by Kim Sheppard, and we can’t thank her enough. The reason we met with Kim was because she had told us about the healthy chocolate and the amazing results people were experiencing from it and because we both had health issues.

Sherm Smith was also there. He started talking about having periodontal disease and 38 bleeders. Ron and I looked at each other in disbelief as I had just went to the dentist two weeks earlier and paid $1,200 for a deep cleaning. I also had 38 bleeders. I will never forget that night, and needless to say, we started eating healthy chocolate. I now have seven bleeders with three pockets gone.

Along with gum disease comes high cholesterol. I had a triple bypass 11 years ago now and have been on provastation two times a day since my surgery. I am happy to say I am off my meds now and my cholesterol went from 198 to 163. My triglycerides went from 147 to 77, and my good cholesterol up nine points.

Ron had asthma and was taking 50/500 Advair two times a day and is now taking nothing as his lungs are clear. Also, his irregular heartbeat is now normal. He had back pain and was taking 800 mg. of ibuprofen before playing golf and 800 mg. after he played. Now, he can play 18 holes with no pain and no meds.

Weight loss has been amazing! Ron lost 80 pounds in one year, and has kept it off! I lost 17 pounds during that year too. Check out the below pictures to see what a difference a year can make.

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