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Rod Anderson

Rod Anderson

My name is Rod Anderson. I am 65. I live in Nashville, Tennessee where I moved from South Dakota in 1974 to pursue the music business.

I started eating healthy chocolate in June of 2007. A month later, the tendinitis in my knee and elbow was so improved that I was able to start working out again, which I hadn’t been able to do for months. I had been having chronic neck pain as well, but that is decreased to the point where months go by where I do not have to take so much as a single aspirin.

I have much better flexibility. My sinuses, sleep and mood are better. My skin was getting dry, but not any more. Energy level is way up, and I can concentrate more intensely for a longer period of time. I’ve lost most of that “spare tire” around my middle too, about 20 pounds of it, and I wasn’t even trying to lose weight.

But probably my most profound benefit from healthy chocolate comes out of me being totally blinded as a result of shrapnel in Vietnam while serving in the Air Calvary there in 1966. Ever since, I’d been having bad dreams about Vietnam.

About every four months or so, I’d have a night where I’d start moaning and thrashing around in my sleep, waking everyone in the house and scaring them to death. Since I started on the healthy chocolate four years ago, I haven’t had one single “Vietnam” nightmare, and this is nothing but a miracle to me.

Consequently, I have gotten as many of my friends and family as possible on the healthy chocolate. What a scrumptious way for everyone to get  healthy and feel better!

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