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Mary Evelyn Kimbro

I was fat. Really, I was. I am 5’ 3”, weighed 185 pounds and had a waist circumference of 40”. Now, do you believe me? The question was, what was I going to do about it? The answer for me was the healthy chocolate protein shakes!

Starting was easy. I replaced two meals a day with a healthy chocolate protein shake, drank plenty of water (minimum of 64 ounces a day), got at least seven hours of sleep a night, ate a sensible meal and healthy snacks (Favorite snack? Healthy chocolate!), and for exercise, I walked. Yes, that’s it. I walked. I made it a priority to walk 10,000 steps a day. That’s five miles. I didn’t do it all at once, I broke it up throughout the day. I just made sure to do it in minimum 20 minute increments to maximize the effect.

Community was and is important. I am part of a group. We “meet” over the phone once a week. During our calls, we discuss recipes, healthy snacks, great foods we have found…we support each other! If we had a good week, a bad week or intestinal distress issues, this is our forum for discussion. This support was a mainstay in my lifestyle change.

So, what am I now? I have shed 41 pounds and am down 8.5” on my waist circumference! I laughingly tell people, “ I was 44 fat and frumpy. Now, I am 46, slim and sexy!” My life is mine again!

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