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Lynn McClung

Lynn McClung

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August of 2004, at age 49. Fortunately for me, it was a Stage 1 Ductile Carcinoma but at the time of being told you have cancer, all other noise seems to fall away and you just hear the word “cancer,” the beat of your heart, and begin to wonder about your time left in this world.

After three surgeries and six and one-half weeks of radiation treatments, I was exhausted. If anyone could be allergic to radiation, I felt certain it was me! After the treatments, I seemed to get any germ, bacteria, or ailment that passed through the large office where I was employed. I was at the doctor more than I wasn’t and prescribed medicine after medicine, treated for depression, treated for arthritis, had a heart cauterization which turned out to be a false/positive test and was told there was nothing more they could do for me. Six months later, I had to leave my employer of 10 years due to my on-going health issues.

After staying at home and dealing with my extreme fatigue and inflammation for two years, I finally designed a part-time business around my daily napping schedule. When I awakened in the morning, my first thoughts were, when can I go back to bed? I was so full of inflammation that I couldn’t turn over in bed without waking up. I especially had inflammation in my left breast where the cancer and treatments had been. I remember lying awake at night and deciding whether I had to move because I knew the move would be so painful that I wouldn’t get back to sleep for some time. I had been prescribed many drugs including Celebrex and Viox for the inflammation and Zoloft for depression. It was a miserable existence but I was able to function most days as long as I could take my two hour nap.

Then in October of 2008, my sister started telling me about healthy chocolate. She was a Lupus survivor and this new healthy chocolate that she had found at a Women’s Fair had really helped her. I couldn’t believe that chocolate could make anyone feel better so I definitely was a doubter! Then in January of 2009, my sister called me and shared that she was taken off three of her Lupus medications and was being weaned off of a fourth prescription medicine which was for depression. I asked her why the doctor made those decisions and she shared that her blood test showed she no longer needed the prescription medicine and she felt like she was no longer depressed all due to healthy chocolate!

It was as if a light bulb went off in my head. I realized that there really is a healthy chocolate, a cold processed, proprietary blend of cocoa and acai berry which is a natural way to fight inflammation in the body. I immediately went over to the computer and searched “dark chocolate health benefits.” I was amazed at the many sites that came back showing the medicinal benefits of dark chocolate. Some of the scientific research and reports are more than 25 years old.

I have been on the product for more than three years now and feel as I did before the cancer. I am off all medication and never even take an aspirin or Tylenol because I have little or no pain. I still have some inflammation in my left breast on occasion but can sleep all night and no longer have to nap in the afternoon! I have my life back and get to enjoy and eat healthy chocolate everyday for the rest of my life, guilt free! I now share healthy chocolate with others to help them get their life back, too! This is an awesome product that really does change people’s life.

Thank you for taking the time to my read my story. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by trying this incredible super-food product. You, too, can get you life back by eating healthy chocolate!

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