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Little David Wilkins

Little David Wilkins

I had to wear prescription glasses for over 25 years to drive my car, and could no way drive without my glasses. If I were to lose or break my glasses, I would not be able to see well enough to drive back home. Therefore, I started to getting my glasses made at places where you “buy one pair and get one free.” I kept the spare pair in my car glovebox just in case I should break or lose the main pair on my trips.

After I ate healthy chocolate for several months, my vision improved so much that I no longer needed to wear glasses to drive my car. The only time I use them now is to read small print. It’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me until my weight got to abnormal heights – more than I care to share with anyone due to my top weight being an embarrassing number.

Now, I am a very happy and changed person because my weight is down over 100 pounds from consuming healthy chocolate, and my health is very good according to my medical doctor. He is amazed, because I no longer have diabetes. My blood pressure and all my blood tests are normal.

I can truthfully tell you that before I started eating and drinking healthy chocolate, I had no miracles in my life. Now, I’m a walking miracle and loving every minute of living a much more exciting and healthier lifestyle.

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