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Kenny & Jackie Vezeau

Kenny & Jackie Vezeau

This is a miraculous story of how Healthy Chocolate™ saved the life of my husband, Kenny, and changed me too.

In 2010, I was introduced to Healthy Chocolate™. Until then, for 15 years I had been living on pain medication for fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and degenerative disc disease. I raised my children as a cripple, debilitated and brutalized by chronic pain and fatigue. As soon as I learned about Healthy Chocolate™, I knew it would help me. I was 90% pain-free and off all the pain medications within a short period of time, and I have remained so until this day.

Knowing the difference it made for me, my main goal became getting it into my husband’s body. He too had suffered for most of his adult life with bleeding bowels due to diverticulitis. He was also a diabetic and struggled with weak lungs.

Kenny started consuming a Nugget for his lungs, a Xobiotic for his bowels and an X-power Square™ for extra antioxidants. Almost immediately, he looked and felt better than ever! His blood sugars leveled out, and he stopped needing naps in the afternoon.

But here’s the rest of the story. A year later, Kenny left work early thinking he had the flu. Two days later, in a panic, I drove him to the emergency room. The hospital admitted him for observation, and sent me home saying they would call if anything changed. Less than an hour later, they called saying Kenny was in a life-threatening situation and emergency surgery would be performed immediately due to a rupture caused by an obstruction that perforated his bowel.

Parts of Kenny’s colon and bowel had to be removed and a colostomy bag was attached. The surgeon also removed a grapefruit-sized tumor. The severity of Kenny’s case and the trauma of the surgery was so shocking to Kenny’s body that he died on the operating table. He was resuscitated, but now his kidneys had begun to fail as well as his lungs. He had become septic and was put on life support.

The worst was yet to come. In critical care, due to neglect or carelessness or indifference, no one noticed that circulation had stopped flowing to Kenny’s left leg. Within hours, they had Kenny sent to another, larger hospital in order to amputate it. All along, doctors and surgeons never failed to report how unlikely it would be for him to survive at any stage of this ordeal, and by now they were dumbfounded that he was still alive. We knew that the amount of antioxidants in his body was exactly the reason he was alive. Yet, no one at any point would take into consideration the importance of what we were saying about the Healthy Chocolate™. We knew it was the reason he was making it through.

Three days after his amputation and only two days after a heart attack, the medical staff made the decision to take Kenny off life support. Much to their continued amazement, he was able to breath on his own.

Every chance I could get during his time in the hospital, I had been secretly placing pieces of X Power Squares™ under his tongue and sneaking him the High-Antioxidant Meal Replacement Shake in Tim Horton’s coffee cups. I believed that my husband was alive because of Healthy Chocolate™, and knew he would recover.

The doctors were dumbfounded by this man’s incredible tenacity to hold on to life. Not once would they acknowledge my conviction or even consider that the Healthy Chocolate™ may be a little, or some, or all of the reason behind the mystery of his survival.

Today, Kenny and I are mostly pain and medication-free. We know that we owe our lives to Healthy Chocolate™. Our mission has become to continue to love and share the good news of Healthy Chocolate™ with whomever will listen. We hope that our story will amaze and astound those who don’t believe, creating in them a desire to know more. And that through our story, we can support, validate and grant even more faith to those who do believe in Healthy Chocolate™.

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