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Joe Spadafora, DO

Joe Spadafora, DO

As a physician, there is no more satisfaction than intervening on our patients behalf to a successful healthy conclusion. Real life insurance regulations and limitations of time and money for both patients and doctors have undermined our doctor patient relationship. Costs and side effects of medicine make us all question what is our appropriate next move. Preventative medicine now more than ever is vitally important.

How can I, as a physician, support any food supplement, vitamin or lifestyle change and not be considered eccentric, because such lifestyle changes are critically important and truly more cost effective than the alternative. One step, our first step together can be as simple as healthy chocolate!

Healthy chocolate offers more than a catchy phrase. Dark chocolate’s known antioxidant effects are beneficial for hypertensive patients as has been reported in medical literature. (1) Dental antibacterial effects against Streptococcus Mutans (a bacteria which has been shown to accelerate cardiac plaque formation) (2,3) Diabetics have improved their insulin sensitivity (4) inconsistent with chocolate, but we are not talking about “candy;” we are discussing a health food.

Not unlike the sad state of “whole foods” as if it was invented yesterday, over processed anything is degraded. Confer with any primary care physician…diverticulosis originates with a lack of bulk/fiber in one’s diet.

More people die in this country from forks than bullets! At least half of the deaths are lifestyle initiated. Fully two-thirds of health care expenditures are lifestyle induced.

The anti-depressant effects of dark chocolate (not processed, not dutched, not heated), are amazing. Beneficial for many people without the unfortunate prescription side effects and on again, off again…poor compliance issues physician see with the more potent prescriptions medications). Obviously if your doctor, the person who KNOWS YOU, feels a certain medication is necessary, you follow that advice! But for the very anxious times we all live in, this may be our first step to a healthier, happier future. Truly the tastiest therapy I “never” had to prescribe!

If you could get the equivalent antioxidant effect of nearly two pounds of spinach in three pieces of healthy chocolate and were forced to eat healthy chocolate daily, would you be compliant? I believe you would. But told to eat 9 to 11 servings of vegetables daily after week two, your adherence rate would fall, not by lack of will, but boredom and gastrointestinal discomfort.

The bottom line of healthy chocolate is improved health and attitude. Benefits outweigh the risks of this therapy with none of the usual suspects of intervention…and it is CHOCOLATE!

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