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Joe Duncan

Joe Duncan

As a result of a bulldozer accident at work, a disc in my back was pushing against the spinal cord causing almost constant pain. Every morning I would wake up to an aching back.

After the third day of eating healthy chocolate, my wife commented “You are not complaining about your back hurting when you get out of bed.” Isn’t that the way life is? We notice when something is bothering us, but when the pain is gone, we do not even notice the difference. Eating a piece of healthy chocolate at bedtime gives me little or no back pain the next morning, and I sleep great!

Also, since I have been eating healthy chocolate, I no longer have allergy problems.

Two years ago, I noticed some difficulties with my vision. An eye exam revealed my nearsightedness had actually improved. The following year – both near and farsightedness – improved which is not normal for someone in the their early 60’s!

My wife, Kathy, was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease in 2000. Her last pulmonary function test and CAT scan, after eating the healthy chocolate for one and half years revealed she had dramatically improved in every area of the pulmonary function test. Even her spirometry, or lung capacity, had improved markedly. Comments she heard from her doctor were “remarkable,” “unbelievable,” and “I guess I won’t need to see you again.”

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