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Janet Wohlberg

Janet Wohlberg

I have had headaches since age 13. I started having migraines in college. I have tried it all, braces, glasses, chiropractor, massage, bio-feed back, herbs, vitamins, B2, magnesium, cut out the caffeine, Botox and watched my diet. I kept a headache diary, and went to several neurologists. I tried nasal sprays, pills, shots. After several years of severe pain, many ER trips, I was sent to Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. There they changed my dosage of preventative meds. I took all the meds out there. The doctor told me I would never be without meds and that it was about taking the stress out of my life, getting good sleep, and eating a balanced diet. I did everything the doctors suggested except acupuncture.

The day I was introduced to healthy chocolate by a total stranger, I had a horrible migraine and had already taken two narcotics and still had the headache. I am about as skeptical as you could be. After eating the healthy chocolate, I could tell I was getting a little better. I had been eating the healthy chocolate for four months before I was migraine free.

I am now off all of my migraine meds!! I feel fantastic! I have even lost 10 pounds. Interestingly, I had a personal trainer for a year and never lost a pound until I starting drinking the shake – that’s when I lost the 10 pounds that I had been carrying around for several years.

Healthy chocolate has given me more energy. I used to schedule events around taking a nap. Now, I don’t feel I need to slow down like that. I have the energy to keep going throughout the day. Healthy chocolate has added two to three hours to my day!

I then knew I needed to share my good news with my friends and family about how powerful the healthy chocolate was. I thank God everyday for the healthy chocolate. It completely changed my life.

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