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Dr. Bruce Phillips

Dr. Bruce Phillips

I am grateful to be a practicing chiropractor for the past 20 years and have been passionate about helping people to realize their true health potential as a health care professional. So many people have been sick or hurting for so long that they cannot even imagine being better, ever! One of my jobs is to give my patients hope and belief in the possibility of regaining their health again. No matter how great a treatment may be, I have to have the cooperation of my patient to change some unhealthy habits into some healthy ones or anything I do will only be temporary. So, I am always interested in anything that will make these lifestyle changes easier. That is what first caught my interest about healthy chocolate.

Like most of you, when I first heard the words “healthy chocolate,” I didn’t even think those words belonged in the same sentence let alone together. I knew dark chocolate had many health benefits, but I was grossly misinformed about all of the details of this super food. Now, after doing my due diligence, I love healthy chocolate and what it can do for people. I have come to the realization that I will be able to help more people with healthy chocolate than I ever could as a practicing chiropractor.

I have been fortunate enough to have a successful chiropractic career, and I love my profession. But, one of the down sides of chiropractic is people fear getting treated because of past misinformation and beliefs. Similarly, many people will never experience the benefits of healthy chocolate due to misinformation and beliefs that are no longer true. We know from recently published research that dutching, roasting, drying and fermenting destroys 80 to 98% of the health enhancing compounds in cocao. We need to create a shift in awareness about healthy chocolate and exploit its unique qualities. We used to believe the world was flat, germs did not exist and it was impossible to run a mile in under four minutes. But, we all accept these things as truths today, because we have undisputed proof to create a shift in awareness. I really believe that healthy chocolate could be a grass roots solution to our health care crisis. The government certainly cannot throw enough money at our current broken and corrupt sick care delivery system to fix it. We can only change one person at a time to step up and empower them to take responsibility for their own personal health journey.

People need to understand that chronic low grade inflammation is the beginning stage of chronic health conditions. Everything from cardiovascular disease to diabetes begins with specific tissue damage from chronic inflammation. Add to that, the research strongly supports the fact that healthy chocolate prevents chronic low grade inflammation and the tissue damage.

Honestly, the true magic of healthy chocolate is that they taste so great. How many times have you heard about a health food or drink and it tastes terrible at best? Healthy chocolate tastes great, and people love to consume it. Compliance is one of the biggest challenges I face as a practicing physician. People miss their appointment, they don’t do their exercises, and they don’t take their supplements, but want the same good results. I have discovered that patients seem to always take their healthy chocolate and they find them easy to share with others. No matter how great a food supplement is people obviously have to consume it to benefit from it. Yet, how many times do you buy a supplement only to take a few and put them on the shelf to never take them again? I am just as guilty.

The stories from my patients are almost unbelievable so far. I have patients getting off medication no longer needed, losing weight, improving skin, having more energy, lowering their blood pressure and improving their vision just from regularly consuming healthy chocolate.

Personally, I have been on a food supplement program for years. Consequently, when I add a new product to my supplement program in the past, I do not notice a big difference in the way I felt. But, when I added healthy chocolate, I quickly noticed improved recovery from my workouts, more energy, improved mental clarity, less craving and I even lost about seven pounds. I was really excited to have such a noticeable result in a short period of time.

We all need to consume high antioxidant super foods to prevent aging and disease processes. So, I encourage you to eat healthy chocolate, enjoy them and share them forever. This is my plan.

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