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David Maile

David Maile

I have been practicing massage therapy for over 20 years in the state of Florida. During this time, I developed arthritis in the joints of my fingers from doing neuromuscular techniques which oftentimes requires a great deal of pressure to release adhesions or spasms in the body.

After suffering for years with this disease, I contemplated the idea of retiring from this profession in 2010. John McDermott and Denise Reinhardt convinced me to try healthy chocolate and see if it would help me. I was very skeptical and decided I had nothing to lose.

Keep in mind I have been trying all kinds of salves, ointments, and nutritional products which cost thousands of dollars. The results I experienced were truly remarkable – within three to five days 90 to 95% of the pain in my hands were alleviated!! I started my own studies with my patients to see if the results could be repeated.

In conclusion, my patients have responded well. I have also experienced other physical benefits, and encourage every patient to eat healthy chocolate.

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