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Barbara Burns

Barbara Burns

My journey with healthy chocolate began a little over three years ago, however, my love of chocolate goes as far back as I can remember. So, you can imagine how exciting it was when a special friend, Major General Martin, introduced me to these products in an effort to lower my sugar, cholesterol and high blood pressure. This was a success within a few months.

For years the plague of my life had been my sinus/allergy problems. Taking allergy shots for 10 years and then medication to try and prevent getting the horrible headaches, sore throat, congestion, and bronchitis which would result in a visit to the doctor, strong prescription drugs and at least 10 days of misery to recover, only to have this reoccur in a few months.

As I continued to eat the healthy chocolate, I became aware that the things that once were a BIG problem no longer bothered me (like pollen, perfume, dust, certain flowers and on and on the list could go). In a short time, I stopped taking the preventive medications and felt so much better. I have not had a sinus/allergy attack in three years!!! Talk about a “happy camper!” HEALTHY CHOCOLATE is my favorite food.

Most women always say they need to lose a few pounds and that is exactly what happened with me when I started on the high antioxidant weight loss system – 26 pounds less of me now!

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