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Ann Freese

Ann Freese

I suffered from stress-induced acid reflux since the age of 12, dealing with inflamed vocal chords and blisters in my mouth. By age 17, my vocal chords were so damaged I could no longer do what I loved most – sing.

It took this and multiple visits to the doctors until I was finally diagnosed. The doctors prescribed Nexium, a medication that cost $200 per month and had side effects. I still couldn’t sing for long periods of time and blisters would appear if I ate something that triggered the acid reflux, but it was the only “solution” the doctors had.

I was introduced to healthy chocolate in September 2010. I began eating a variety of the solid healthy chocolates. Over the next 30 days, I kept an in-depth record of the changes I saw happening in my health. At first, I noticed I was sleeping better and had more energy. As the days went by, I started noticing the blisters in my mouth were disappearing and staying away. After about 90 days of eating the healthy chocolate, I was able to sing again without having my vocal chords feel inflamed.

Healthy chocolate is less expensive than Nexium, which I no longer have to take, and there are no bad side effects. I can sing and eat what I want, have enough energy to plan my wedding, and love that it’s all possible just by eating healthy chocolate every day!

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