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Allan E & Olive Ann Hoernschememyer

Allan E & Olive Ann Hoernschememyer

Our friend, Jeanie, called us last year to see how we were doing. I shared that Al was having so much pain in his legs and we had tried everything to help him, but he was now ready for a wheelchair. Also, he had continuous dizzy spells with a heart rate of 200+ down to 40. His doctor wanted to put in a pacemaker along with a significant amount of medication. We said no, but still didn’t know what to do. Jeanie shared the benefits of Healthy ChocolateTM, and on June 13, 2014, we received our first box of Power SquaresTM.

Al ate three squares on his first day. The following morning, Al said that he slept on his bad shoulder and only got up once instead of his normal eight times. He also noticed that his legs were no longer in pain.

He increased his ORAC to 400,000 per day using Activ. His dizzy spells stopped within four days, but he stayed on it another two months until his doctor’s appointment. His doctor said that his heart and vital signs were perfect and that there were no more signs of diabetes! Of course, the doctor wanted to know what he had been doing. We simply said “Healthy ChocolateTM.” He wanted all the information that he could get to learn more about this amazing product.

With all my husband’s success, I started eating one Power SquareTM and drinking two High-Antioxidant Meal-Replacement Shakes a day. I lost 27 pounds in 27 days! I decided to increase my Power SquaresTM to six per day. My oxygen level and vital signs are now great, I can sleep all night, and my body and mind feel like a young girl even though I am 74 years old.

We now have a mission statement to never stop sharing Healthy ChocolateTM with God’s children.

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