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Alicia A. Hall, MD

Alicia A. Hall, MD

Based on clinical experiences as a medical doctor, I assert that our bodies need nutritional supplements. Observations in my practice reveal that most people do not follow nationally recommended guidelines for nutritional consumption. Many desire to be healthy, but lack of time and discipline keep many from living the healthy lifestyle they desire to have. As a result, many individuals suffer from preventable, lifestyle-related disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.

Thus, it is my mission as a medical doctor to improve people’s health through proper nutritional and health counseling. This is not an easy task. It has been very challenging to help change and improve people’s eating habits which are often chronic in nature.

Therefore, I am very thankful for healthy chocolate. Its use and role in my medical practice as a health supplement has been “revolutionary” in transitioning people to a healthier lifestyle. Most people love chocolate. It is easy and fun to promote as a health supplement. Many are happy and agreeable to use it nutritionally because they prefer eating a piece of healthy chocolate several times a day over swallowing pills. Also, I have found that starting one health habit such as taking a nutritional supplement leads to other health habits like drinking more water, exercising, and eating healthier foods.

Moreover, it is gratifying for me and my patients to see a “boost” in their health because of the many antioxidant benefits of healthy chocolate. The research and testimonials supporting the benefits of healthy chocolate give me confidence as a medical doctor in promoting it as a health supplement. From my own clinical experience, I have observed “first-hand” the health benefits that many of my patients have had while on this antioxidant rich food supplement. My patients have experienced improvements in weight loss, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, pain syndromes, depression, skin conditions, dental health, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia and overall improvement in energy and mood. Because healthy chocolate is an all natural, unprocessed product with no preservatives, no caffeine, and lactose-free, it has been well tolerated by my patients. Also, it has been encouraging to adjust and lower medication doses with some of my patients due to improvement in certain health conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol while on healthy chocolate supplementation.

In summary, antioxidant rich healthy chocolate has been a great health supplement to promote in medical practice. I have seen a major impact on the improved health conditions of many. The use of healthy chocolate as a health supplement eases the challenge of health providers who encourage proper nutrition to help transition people to better health.

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