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Alan W. Gruning, DO

Alan W. Gruning, DO

I love to speak to groups about healthy chocolate! I get excited thinking about the potential of this product to change the health of millions as we neutralize free radicals, decrease inflammation, and help eliminate disease.

I became interested in healthy chocolate two years ago when a patient introduced me to it and challenged me to look at the research and products. My practice specializes in the holistic treatment of those with complex disorders, such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. Like most physicians, I was skeptical. Healthy chocolate; it sounded too good to be true. However, I investigated the products thoroughly and was impressed. I started eating healthy chocolate, and began to recommend it to patients. I soon experienced the benefits of this amazing product and saw positive results in my patients.

I was even asked to speak at local meetings. I learned about the benefits of flavonol-rich cacao in the medical literature and began hearing of significant, even miraculous healings from attendees. I became even more fascinated with healthy chocolate and soon had opportunities to speak to physicians and other health care professionals about it.

I now consider healthy chocolate to be an integral part of my comprehensive plan to treat patients naturally. I strongly encourage health professionals to closely examine healthy chocolate and its many benefits for inclusion in their practice.

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