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With the Xocai App, MyXocai subscribers can easily Share and Connect their way to success on the go! Link with new prospects and interact with your team by having exclusive access to Xocai’s marketing materials, images, videos and more, right at your fingertips!

What can you do with the Xocai App?

gr-share-connect3SHARE! Choose from a vast selection of Xocai branded content: product and opportunity videos, PDFs and more via email, text, and your favorite social media platforms. You will have exclusive access to download any content from your Xocai mobile app library that you would like to have accessible 24/7 on your mobile device.

CONNECT! The Xocai App makes it extremely easy to text, email or private message a prospect information about the Xocai products and opportunity! With customized content that promotes your business, you and your prospects will appreciate the automatically created links that will lead them to your website and to their next steps. With an intuitive interface and compelling content, the Xocai App makes prospecting for your business simpler than ever!

The Xocai App gives you the freedom to work your Healthy Chocolate® business in any setting. The app gives you the ability to put your personal touch on your business by personalizing your business profile. It enables you to have full access to your prospects who are currently engaging in content by sending you a notification, so you may follow up on your new lead.

Where can I get the Xocai App

1. Go to your App Store – Search XOCAI.

2. Download the app onto your phone.

3. Activate by entering your MyXocai Username and Password.

(Android App on Google play)

This Xocai App is provided by Sound Concepts – MyXocai System.  Easily share content via the app – Videos, PDF’s, Webpages and Images.  Share methods are via Email, Text, Social, Copy and Download.   The first month is FREE for this amazing app.  A full year subscription is $99 or monthly is $19.95.

This is a tremendous app to help you share with others and to build your Healthy Chocolate® business!

What App Video Should I Use?

  • The Whole Story – Discover the history of chocolate and how Xocai has captured the nutritional superiority of healthy dark chocolate. What once was considered an oxymoron is now a reality. Hundreds of studies are finding the health benefits of healthy chocolate.
  • The Xocai difference – You’ve probably seen many news stories recently about the health benefits of dark chocolate. But how exactly does dark chocolate help you? And what sets Xocai apart from other chocolate?
  • Jeanette’s Chocolate Journey – In this short video Jeanette Brooks tells her personal story of how she got her health back and how Healthy Chocolate has changed her life forever.
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